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balsamoThr Historical Town Center

Part of the central historical portion of the city is still bounded by Aragon walls dating back to the mid XV century, subsequently modified by Charles the 5th, who added the 'Bastioni', rampart strategic towers.
Between these, the renovated St. Giacomo Tower stands; it today is used for public meetings and art exhibitions, and Porta Mesagne gate.

lungomare okSeafront

Along the striking seafront on the town's inner port, you can view the gardens of the Vittorio Emanuele square, entirely remade in 2001; inside there is the Dolphin's fountain (built in 1876), and the Virgil's monument, a marble work by Bodini (1988).

p-aragoneseAragones Castle

Approaching Brindisi from the sea you will see the Aragones Castle, better known as Alfonsino Castle, which was built in 1491 on the St. Andrea island opposite the port, by Ferdinand I of Aragon, in defence of its city, against possible sea attacks.

svevoSvebian Castle
Another of the city's important castles is Swabian Castle, which was commissioned by Federico II in 1227, built from materials obtained from the old walls and monuments of the city.

monumento marinaioThe Italian Sailor Monument
Crossing the Pigonati Channel you enter the main port, naturally divided in two parts, West and East Coves; at this point one meets the Italian Sailor Monument (called also the Big Rudder) built in 1933 in the shape of a rudder, which stands 54 meters tall.

capitelloThe Roman Columns

The Roman Columns rests has always been considered the symbol of Brindisi.
For many years the columns, thought to symbolise the ending of the road, 'Via Appia', was in fact a referral of that time to navigators of the port of Brindisi.

p-tancrediTancredi Fountain 

The Tancredi Fountain was built in 1192 by King Tancredi in occasion of the wedding of his son Ruggero with the daughter of the Emperor of Costantinopoli. The Fountain was restored, and entirely modified, in 1549 and in 1828.

s.maria2The Churches
The churches of the Brindisi province

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