Avvisatore Marittimo del Porto di Brindisi

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Tasks and services

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Activated on demand to Brindisi Port Informer...

1. The Seaport Informer spreads, upon request, information about Orders and Regulations issued by the Harbour Officers of Brindisi or by the Port Authority and also by all other local authorities involved (Province, Municipality and Chamber of Commerce) that have an interest in the widest diffusion of information, orders, notifications etc. ;
2. Upon request of the Maritime Authority the Seaport Informer contacts ships at the port entrance or moored and in movement;
3. Supplies information regarding arrival and departure of Borders Police, Tax Police and Customs ships;
4. Supplies information about the mooring to the Maritime Health Service;
5. Keeps continuous updating, in real time, in the information system SETSHIP;
6. Takes note with regard to the rain time and other weather data, such as direction and power of the wind, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure referred to the sea level etc. Keeps an update collection by means of a database of the above and in hardcopy as well;
7. Supplies promptly on demand, information about the weather and sea local conditions, also by means of official weather bulletins, by telematic forwarding or by sending by fax weather bulletins;
8. Supplies to ships information given by maritime agencies and or vice versa, regarding the cargo, mooring of destination and crew;
9. Supplies information about the ship ETA, actual arrival time, anchorage, movement from port entrance, entrance to the seaport, mooring, unmooring, exit and departure of the ships, information about the bunker, the draught and situation during navigation and or manoeuvring of ships inside the port, piloting time, mooring and towing service;
10. Points out in its communication always the source and the origin of communication – news, messages – and supplies unambiguously the objective data surveyed;
11. Files on daily basis, at the same time the situation of ships in the seaport (entrance, docked) the recap of arrivals, movements and departures of ships in the previous 24 hours and the arrivals scheduled, thus forwarding automatically to the Maritime Authority and to the other users. The same piece of information is available on line in the portal for authorized users;
12. Keeps continuously updated on line in the portal the graphics regarding the situation at the docks and at the entrance of the port;
13. Allows the access to its location to the Military and Maritime Administration Personnel and also to the Public Administration Officers that might be in need of it for work reasons.
The Port Informer is a valid tool of information, coordination and promotion of the activities carried out within the port and for this reason it cooperates with the Port Authority. During the years it has committed to realize the web portal that is a valuable and fast information tool for the dealers of commerce of the port. It is also a useful reference for all military and civilian authorities that operate in the port. In the website of the Port of Brindisi it is possible to refer to several services that provide information regarding: Technical port data, weather local data, announcements and bulletins from the Port Authority Operational status of the port and its facilities, its services and equipment referred to port operations. It is offered also the possibility, by means of links, to see in real time docked ships, at the port entrance and in movement. Our objective is to create a reference for the above said, by guiding the users to find what they need easily and quickly.

Ogni richiesta deve essere inoltrata via e-mail all'Avvisatore Marittimo del Porto di Brindisi s.r.l.