Welcome to Brindisi Province


The land of Brindisi is a constellation of vocations, drawn on stretch of history and geography of each city. The varied set of identities of this stretch of the Mediterranean can differentiate the tourist offer from natural beauty of Campaign rediscovered flavors of rural towns, the charm of a natural harbor millenarian embracing the city in its wrapping visionary inspiration to the history of the centers of the hinterland, witness old bags messapica lookouts or appendages on the last of the Murge. Each city contributes to the mosaic with its own exclusive section, marked the thread of memory, which makes possible a variety of itineraries and proposals and enhances the richness of the territory. The way of castles and the palaces of the nobility, the theory of the ports, the trip between the churches and historical monuments, including archaeological sites and glimpses of the alleys antique color, between the rites and traditions, make this land the sum of unique values and unique. For this period in the earth Brindisi discovery becomes a total, continuous and amazing ... Land of Brindisi, on vacation all year.


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