Bari Airport - "Karol Wojtila"


Bari Airport - "Karol Wojtila"


The new Bari International Airport Aeroporto di Bari "Karol Wojtyla" is bound to become an essential benchmark to test the economic development of Apulia. A region that stands, among Southern Italian Regions, high up in terms of growth and efficiency.
The greater Bari Airport area will be soon serviced by a new Passenger Terminal. The facility spreads over 30,000 square meters of  total area on 5 levels, raised following the strictest safety and operational standards, making it a first class airport terminal throughout the Italian airport system.
The new terminal also benefits from renewed aircraft standing areas, taxiway and runway, all of which have been deeply overhauled, revamped and modernized to face future traffic increase.
This long time effort to implement and qualify the Bari Terminal infrastructures has been paying impressing dividends so far: both in terms of general growth trend and of actual passenger traffic. Bari and all of Apulia can now profit from an increased National traffic and, more importantly, a swelling International fame thanks to direct European connections (London, Paris, Munich, Stuttgart, and Cologne), and with further new destinations that are promoting their visibility in the European economic scenario, such as Romania and Albania.
The completion of the new Bari Airport is but one of the goals along the entire Apulian airport system growth process.
Such intense endeavor is made possible by strategy–driven planning and programming economic procedures, achieved by SEAP and thereafter included in the Apulian Regional Administration Transport Plan, which encompasses total investments of about 151 million Euro, as stated in the 2003 Transport Agreement Master Plan.

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