Marine Health

Marine health



In these years characterizes from the increased flow of goodses, of persons and of veicols of transport from and to every part of the world, the frontier health takes an important role in the field of the public health, also carryed through the Offices of marine, aerial health and of frontier (U.S.M.A.F.), structures directly are under Ministry of the Health,and that homogenous posted on the national territory. These offices are situated in the most important national ports and airports to constitute a protective filter on the field against the risk to import diseases.

These structures are the first that carry out hygienic-sanitary vigilance on veicols, goodses and persons in arrival on the Italian and communitarian territory thanks to their technical staff .

In adction they supply to the travellers a valid support of prevention to the infectious diseases and carry out important medical-legal activities on the national marine staff and of hygienic-sanitary vigilance above all on ships of Italian flag.

In Brindisi These offices are placed in V.le Regina Giovanna di Bulgaria 72100 (BR).

Contacts : Dott.ssa ADORNI CONTINELLI
Tel: 0831/590220 - 0831/590401

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